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Q: What makes Caviar Color an iconic collection for LAGOS?

A: If I look back at the 15 first pieces I designed for LAGOS, there was a ring that was a “prequel” to the Caviar Color collection. It was a cabochon cut, very art deco inspired. When I started the brand almost 40 years ago, we got quickly known for bold colors. That’s what makes Caviar Color so iconic for the brand. I have been working with different cut and different colors for all these years —-the common point is how bold I like our semi precious color collections to be.


Q: It is never easy to redesign an iconic collection…. How did you approach this challenge?

A: At this point of my career, I spend a lot of time “decomposing” a design. I look at the smallest parts and consider carefully all angles. I want a ring to look great not only from the top view but also on the side. I wanted to make this new Caviar Color design more complete than ever. Very branded with the refinement of gold Caviar beads, I designed it so it looks substantial, big –  feel it, there is a weight to it – but also comfortable.


Q: Can you discuss the role Caviar Color plays in the LAGOS portfolio?

A: It is a classic. Women will tell me: “oh I will never wear it, it is too bold, too colorful and then it becomes their everyday bracelet or ring.”


Q: Not just any gemstones can be a LAGOS gemstone…what are the requirements?

A: At LAGOS we only use the top 2, 3% of the gemstones production you can find in the world. The rest is not right for the quality and the style of our jewelry. It is an expert’s business. Our criteria are multiple: the size, the color saturation… That jewel quality is what I look for above anything else.


Q: What do you like about the cabochon cut? Why did you pick it for the seasonal edition?

A: The cabochon cut is very interesting, it pops out because of its dimension not because of the facets, there are actually dozen ways to cut it. – It is not as facetted as the cushion cut. It is less about the sparkle, more about the color. It is a softer approach.


Q: LAGOS recently launched Black Caviar and now the brand is reinventing another brand icon  – you often say that you want LAGOS to be a lifestyle brand? What do you mean by a lifestyle brand?

A: We make jewelry that you can put on and wear every day of your life. We literally are a lifestyle brand. You can live your jewelry life in LAGOS.