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This week we have a multi-talented guest writer sharing some very valuable details on the mood-boosting qualities of gemstones. Tara Lutz is the Senior New Product Coordinator at LAGOS and a certified expert in gemology. Read on for her insights.

One of the major trends we are witnessing in 2021 is the emphasis on self-care. What is self-care? It is simply the things we do to help our mental and physical health. This can be anything from exercising, to reading or sketching to looking at something beautiful. Naturally, self-care at LAGOS involves incorporating your jewelry, especially colorful gemstones.  Aside from being beautiful, gemstones possess mind and mood-altering attributes.  With varying hues and layers of saturated colors, gemstones stimulate more senses than just your vision.  Created in caves and underground caverns over millions of years, each unique gemstone has its own allure. Here are the top five gemstones to enhance your self-care routine and mood.

Lapis Lazuli

“The Wisdom Keeper” is a fitting accolade for this deep blue gemstone. Lapis Lazuli is believed by ancient scholars to be linked to civilization for more than 6,500 years. Wearing this stone nurtures a quest for knowledge and aids in decision making.  It also helps connect the wearer with inner wisdom and self-awareness.  Channel this energy stylishly with our latest statement earrings.


Turquoise is one of the oldest gemstones used in jewelry. Known as the “Master Healer”, this timeless stone promotes health and protection.  Despite only being found in dry, barren climates its vivid bluish hues associate this stone with the healing energy of water. Let the soothing color pull you toward tranquility, calmness, & serenity.  Connect to these healing powers with one of our bracelets, reminding yourself daily of the beauty of health and wellness.


The warm, inviting brightness of citrine helps to encourage creativity.  Akin to the sun with its golden yellow hue, citrine has the moniker “Light Maker”.  Associated with properties of warmth and light, wearing citrine helps channel happy energy.  When worn as a necklace, the brightness is shared happiness for the wearer and those admiring the piece.

Smoky Quartz

For letting go of the past and finding a grounding vibe, one can find stability with smoky quartz.  The rich umber brown tones are reminiscent of the Earth and are associated with emotions of stability and calm.  Wear this stone as a stunning statement ring to encourage staying true to yourself.


The subject of legend and the color of royalty, amethyst reigns supreme as a member of the quartz family.  Amethyst is a go-to stone for its power and versatility, defined by purple hues that enhance this stone’s mystical properties.  Known to strengthen meditation practices, it purifies and removes negativity while creating a calm and focused mind. Make a statement with a beautiful, beaded necklace.

Understanding gemstones and their power in our society is just one of the many ways you can enjoy your LAGOS.  Creating more connections to your pieces ensures they become heirlooms and a constant conversation piece.

Care for your jewelry and it will care for you.

About the Author: Tara Lutz is a certified expert in all things gemstones and is the Senior New Product Coordinator at LAGOS. When she isn’t studying for her next gemstone certification she enjoys traveling, cars & motorcycles and of course playing with her dog. The first gem to peak her interest? Pyrite, for its gold color.